Research Needs & Knowledge Gaps

Research Needs

Big Questions

  • Which are real reasons for gestures in automotive? Where does it make sense?
  • How can universal gestures be established & whose job is that?
  • What are uses of gestures during periods of automated/non-automated driving?
  • Better theory of gestures – Unified

Design considerations

  • Ho to Multimodal combination of gestures
  • How to provide results feedback?
  • How to properly navigating user to sensitive area for air gestures
  • How many gestures are possible / feasible?
  • How to selection of meaningful gesture for certain situations

Behavior observation

  • Which gestures are done unintentional during driving?
  • What are methods for discovering gestures?
  • What are the emotional aspects of gesture interaction?

Knowledge Gaps

Performance consideration

  • Experimental evidence for performance
  • What domains are gestures actually optimal for?
  • Where are gestures really useful?

Gesture discovery

  • How do users know a gesture is there?
  • How can we communicate what a gesture is to a user?

Technology consideration

  • How “complete” should a gesture be? -> trade-off between completeness & recognition
  • Capability of gesture trackers – limitations
  • Can gesture inputs be accurate enough to allow efficient and non-distracting inputs?


  • Gesture navigation guidelines.

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